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Why Study A Course in Miracles?

If we accept the premise that each lifetime is given us as an opportunity to grow and discover and become more fully embodied as the love that is our essence, then if follows that we would want to pursue activities that invite us to open and embrace all our experiences.

A Course in Miracles found its way into my life 40 years ago and slowly, but surely, has transformed me and my therapy/coaching practice. The Sedona Method gets credit for deepening my integration of the course lessons.

What can you expect from ACIM?

1. Course teaching- Every act is an act of love or a cry for love.

Knowing this, you can shift how you perceive bad behavior in others (and self) as a cry for love. This will allow you to live in a softer, less reactive state. Reactivity is hard on the body and drains energy. Less reactivity=more presence=more creativity and joy and leads to appropriate action.

2. Course teaching- We’ve given everything its meaning.

When you can notice that you are constantly making up stories and creating meaning where there may be none, you can question the things you’ve been told and allow for the possibility they were never true (things like you’re not good enough, too sensitive, etc). This can assist in moving through the related stuck feelings with more ease and allow for more access to the love and wisdom available beyond the stories.

3. Course teaching- The world is a mirror.

Projecting, judging, blaming and defending moves through the body and creates separation.

When agitated states arise (and they do!) it’s common to want to blame others for your upset, strike out when things don’t go the way you want, or when the world doesn’t act the way you think it should. When you can catch yourself, and notice how you are being impacted, you can choose a different path.

4. Course teaching- I am not the body. I am free.

As a somatic psychotherapist, this lesson is a big one. Feelings and events are experienced in the body and moving through trauma and upset often involves feeling into where sensation is held. But this does not make us the body. Over identification with the body-mind (thinking we are the thoughts, we are the feelings, we are the sensations vs. knowing these are events that move through awareness) leads to more suffering, blame and self-recrimination.

The recognition that we are not the body-mind does not mean we don’t feel our feelings. But knowing everything is impermanent and not attached, creates an opening to remember the truth of who we are.

In my groups, workshops and one-on-one sessions, I integrate body awareness, Sedona Method Releasing, play and creativity as ways of letting go of what arises in the body-mind that makes us think and feel that we are less than what we are. I find the willingness to dive in (rather than bypass the human experience) takes us to a deeper truth within ourselves. And this is good. And so it is!

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