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Somatic Psychotherapy

"Anyone can become angry — that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way, this is not easy."   ~Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics

We are passionate about unlocking the joy, the vitality, the ease that is our natural state. We work with the body and the mind to help release emotions that were unable to be expressed at an earlier time. Through compassionate acceptance of what we've experienced and where we are in this moment, we can profoundly change our future. Using a variety of modalities that help you sink below the conscious mind (and problem seeking thinking), we will assist you in attaining your emotional and spiritual goals.

Body-mind psychotherapy goes beyond talk therapy and allows you to deepen your awareness of how your thoughts affect your emotions and your body, and how your body stores emotions that have not been given expression. Working with awareness, sensations, breath and movement we bring to consciousness what is stored in the body. Through non-judgmental awareness, we can study and loosen held beliefs and behaviors that keep you stuck in unsatisfying life situations.  Many who have not benefited from traditional therapy have found relief with body-mind psychotherapy.
Creative modalities including art, music and movement blend well with body-mind psychotherapy, as does EMDR, an innovative method of psychotherapy proven effective in treating trauma.

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  • My experience with the Smithson Clinic has been life changing to say the least! I have struggled with depression, anxiety and OCD most of my life. Over the past 20 years I have sought help from various therapists (9 to be exact) and not a single one was as effective as Melanie. Gail was equally helpful with the physical components of my struggles.  My depression, anxiety and OCD are almost non existent and I couldn’t be more grateful for the guidance, education and tools I have received from both Melanie and Gail. I highly recommend the Smithson Clinic!  Danielle S.

  • I increased the ability to recognize, examine and release concerns, doubts, fears and other issues as they arise. Most in-depth examination I've done. D.K.

  • 'Working happy or easy' what a wonderful concept-after all these years of believing otherwise. I found your guidance extremely helpful, and your ability to keep it all going with a sense of joy, balance and levity, made a few 'more edgy-than-I-expected' moments, to flow and release. Thanks for your guidance and compassion. C.N. 

  • I learned to laugh at myself and what remnants of trash that used to be 'my problem'. Learning to let go of trying to help others, while still feeling compassion and love for them felt very healing for me. E.V.

  • "I am a 53-year-old wife and mother. For years I suffered from chronic pain and was eventually diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  I was fatigued, stressed, anxiety-ridden, always in pain, unable to sleep.  About two years ago, I became very depressed and suicidal.  I tried numerous doctors, drugs, etc. but never got relief from my symptoms until  I came in contact with Melanie Smithson.  Through the use of EMDR, she was able to help me get back my life!  I discovered through her gentle, caring and professional  counseling, that I was harboring a very painful event which happened during my early childhood, that later had manifested itself into pain in my body.  The accompanying fear and anger, that I had allowed to build up for decades, was ruining my health, my self-esteem, my outlook on life and my daily interactions with my family.  After just months of therapy with Melanie, I started feeling better, sleeping better, regaining an interest in life again.  The real testimonial is when I was able to go with my husband on a spur of the moment trip to the mountains and go dog-sledding.  Never in a million years did I think I could do that!  I feel I owe it all to Melanie Smithson and her gentle guidance back to good physical and mental health."

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