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Advanced Energy Medicine

"Our own physical body possesses a wisdom which we who inhabit the body lack. We give it orders which makes no sense."         

— Henry Miller

We work with all physical conditions based on the same premise: the body has innate intelligence and knows how to heal itself. When this is not happening, it is because of a block of some sort in the system. Each of the modalities listed below is aimed at locating and clearing these blocks, whether they stem from infectious agents, emotional issues, stagnation, or a host of other possibilities. While working with you to free you of physical discomfort, we also honor the wisdom of the body and any messages it may have for you.

We have worked extensively over the years with conditions that do not always respond well to allopathic medicine including arthritic conditions; digestive complaints; gluten sensitivity and intolerance, thyroid problems, including auto-immune thyroid issues; stress related disorders; allergies; chronic pain; menstrual cramps ; menopausal issues and auto-immune disorders. 

View a complete list of conditions that respond to alternative treatment.

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  • I began treatment with Gail Smithson in August 2014. I had let myself get stressed beyond my physical and emotional limits and my body was sicker than I had been in decades. The two worst problems were that I had no energy, and most foods caused a negative reaction in my body. I was a mess. From the very first NMT treatment with Gail I felt better. I went weekly for a couple of months, and after every visit I felt noticeably better and could begin to carefully reintroduce the foods that had been causing problems for me. Gail was so kind. He was never judgmental about what I wanted to eat, (I'm vegetarian, he's a Paleo-guy). And when I had questions between our visits, he returned my phone calls right away. He genuinely wanted for me to feel better and return to engaging with my passions. I was at 100% by early November! His treatments seem like a miracle to me, I had no idea that I would be so well, so quickly.

    I had a couple of conversations with Melanie when she shared small bits of wisdom with me that were exactly what I needed to hear.

    They are both VERY special people and healers. I have sent family and friends to them and recommend them with the highest praise! Jane

  • By completing Nine Months to Success, I was able to complete my goals faster and thoroughly than by going it alone. The combined energy of the group coupled with Melanie's leadership made a huge difference." Bonie P. I've been working with Melanie since 2007 and can attribute so many miracles to her sensitivity, skill and compassion. With her extraordinary listening, and skills to share the Sedona Method as a personal transformative tool in our lives, I have achieved being a successful entrepreneur when fear and this economy could have paralyzed me! As is true for anyone on a Self-Development track, the limiting layers that have been peeled off reveal the most vulnerable aspects of my being. That's when I needed her personal therapy and coaching to move forward. Again, her myriad of tools, disciplines, and approaches have enabled me to finally have an empowered relationship with my body! She continually asks you to Go for It and I'm excited to do just that! Barbara B.

  • Miracles happen! And NMT was the miracle. I released anger, resentment and tension from childhood abuse, and am finally free of the agressive behavioral problems I learned at age three.

    My friends comment that I look "clear" and "happy," as I move on in my career, with no past baggage accompanying me. It was truly a miracle to lose a past that I have on several occasions had treatment to relieve. I am finally free! E.V.

  • I had severe pain in my shoulders, lower back, knees and thighs. X-ray and blood tests showed that I had no arthritis in my knees or shoulders. In the mornings, I was unable to use the fingers on my right hand for about an hour after getting up. I am now pain free! My asthma is better as well! And, I am a happy person! S.F.

  • It was hard for me to get through the day because of fatigue and I was starting to experience arthritis in my hands. My energy is much improved because of the treatments and I have no symptoms of arthritis in my hands at all. Gail is passionate about this work. It shows it how he treated me and in his continual push to learn more. I am very grateful to have found him. J.J.

  • We are absolutely pain free. If something doesn't work Gail looks for an alternative. He keeps up with all the latest treatments. We can't say enough good about Gail and highly recommend him to others. C.M. and A.M.

  • Melanie is such a wonderful teacher. So enthusiastic about the work and appreciative of her students' individuality.

  • Gail is a wonderful healer. I am a nurse and feel that the results I obtained with Gail are far superior to what I could have gotten with allopathic medicine. T.R.

  • I went to see Gail for Spastic Bowel Syndrome. I used Imodium constantly and it was no longer effective. I'm much stronger than I was when I began treatments, and am no longer fearful of accidents occurring at inopportune moments. I like Gail's interest in doing all he can for his clients without rushing, and with a holistic approach for each individual. N.K.

  • I am so much more at peace since the treatment yesterday. As I usually say, "unclenched." I'm not doing any counting or clicking. It is a profound relief. Thank you for your ministrations.

  • I no longer suffer pain in my body, thanks to the JMT treatments from Gail. Now, for the first time since I was three years old I can anything I choose and I no longer choke. I wasn't sure I would ever be able to say "I'm feeling great and I'm pain free!" Gail has worked miracles for me and I would recommend his treatments for everyone for general wellness and a better lifestyle. J.J.

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