Monthly Groups

Sedona Support Group

Are you needing some help letting go? Of thoughts, relationships, feelings, worry, anxiety?

This drop-in group is designed to provide support with your releasing in any area needed.  Groups start with a brief intro and group release with the rest of the time dedicated to answering questions and doing releases based on participant's requests.  This group is open to anyone who has a desire to let go. 

Groups are held on Zoom on the first Saturday of each month (but check the calendar on holidays) from 10:30am-12noon. By donation. (suggested $15-$30)

Letting Go into a Course in Miracles- New 4 week Review of the Basics Beginning November 20th

In our time together, we will study basic concepts from the Course and use Sedona Method Releasing* to let go of the blocks to being our best selves. If you’ve studied ACIM and have had difficulty living the principles, you will be (as I was) excited to learn these easy techniques that create a beautiful bridge from where you are now to where you’d like to be. Topics covered will include:

· The ego and separation

· The way we see

· I’m not the body (then what?)

· Forgiveness and Guilt

· Obstacles to Peace

· A New Beginning

4 Saturdays, from 10:30-noon (Nov 20, Dec 4, 11,18) Investment $97 (by Nov 12th, $117 after) To register, click here.


Opening to Love- Part 2- A 3-day Course in Miracles Retreat in Santa Fe, N.M.

Ready to go deeper? Be the love, the joy, the freedom that you inherently are.


The belief that you are the body-mind and the subsequent commitment to it is the source of all suffering. When we think we are the body and the personality that we have created for ourselves, we look to keep it safe at all costs and to validate it's worthiness. This sets off a spin where our lives become driven by wanting approval, control, security, separation and oneness. We take this into all our relationships (in different forms) and life loses its joy.

The game of life itself doesn't change when you know it's a game; but it does get easier to play. (and you know how I feel about playing!)

I've been studying the Course in Miracles for about 40 years and each time I review the lessons and/or reread the text, I find myself going deeper and gaining more clarity. I love the process and sharing it with you. Hope to see you in Santa Fe.

From our participants at the May retreat: "This workshop was life-changing for me. Thank you so much." and  "I am so grateful for our time together. I am working the principles and looking forward to Part 2 in September."

In our time together, we will cover topics such as:

  • Review of material from Workshop Part 1 (the ego and separation, the stories we tell, forgiveness and guilt, attack and defense)

  • How identification with the body creates pain and suffering in the body

  • The true role of the body

  • 'Special' relationships

  • Cleaning up relationships

  • Being in the world but not of it

Watch for upcoming dates. Email to express interest.

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