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About Us

Our story:

We met in 1991 at the Church of Religious Science in Santa Fe, New Mexico and were married a year later at Embudo Station. We both believe we were destined to come together to love and work in this lifetime. We moved in 1994 to Colorado for Melanie to attend Naropa University and for Gail to attend the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We have found over the years that our work has moved in similar directions; and the process of discovery has been exciting and joyful. Happily spending time now in both Santa Fe, NM and Denver, Co.


We believe:

We are spiritual beings having a human experience and our natural state is of vibrant health and well being. We come into a body to accelerate our growth as spiritual beings. To this end, we face challenges throughout our lifetime. How those challenges are handled (consciously and unconsciously) profoundly impacts our health. We use a variety of modalities to help you remove the blocks to your natural state of vibrant health and seek to provide an environment in which healing can occur.

H. Gail Smithson, LAC

H. Gail Smithson, LAc is state licensed and board certified (National Commission for Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology. He has extensive additional training in energy techniques, including Body Restoration Technique (BRT), JMT Technique and NeuroModulation Technique. He has been practicing Vipassana meditation for over 40 years, a form of meditation that blends body sensations with awareness practices. It was as a result of his meditation practice that Gail became interested in Chinese Medicine and energy techniques. He is a gentle and caring practitioner, committed to health and wellness. To this end, he blends many approaches, working with you and the wisdom of your body to find the most effective treatments. 

Recent Quotes:

"Gail is passionate about this work. It shows in how he treated me and in his continual push to learn more. I am very grateful to have found him."

"If something doesn't work Gail looks for an alternative. He keeps up with all the latest treatments. We can't say enough good about Gail and highly recommend him to others."

"Gail is a wonderful healer. I am a nurse and feel that the results I obtained with Gail are far superior to what I could have gotten with allopathic medicine."

Melanie Smithson, MA, BC-DMT, LPC, CHt 

Melanie Smithson, MA, DMT, LPC, CHt holds a Master's degree from Naropa University in Somatic Psychology and taught in the department for many years. She is the author of the award-winning book, Stress Free in 30 Seconds: A Slightly Irreverent Approach to Navigating Life's Challenges.  Her orientation is towards incorporating the wisdom of the body into therapy sessions, as well as releasing emotions that may have gotten caught in the body. Physical ailments are often connected to buried emotions and will shift as the emotions shift. She is a Dance Movement Therapist, play therapist and hypnotherapist and is proficient in EMDR and Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy. She is also a certified Sedona Method Coach and offers many groups and workshops blending this method with movement and creative modalities for effective release.  Melanie specializes in spiritual growth,relationships, grief and loss, trauma, childhood abuse issues, anxiety and depression and goal attainment.

Melanie is passionate about play for young and old, believing the creative process to be key to healing and spiritual growth.

Click here to see Melanie's curriculum vitae.


Read an article written by Melanie on Service and Play.

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Recent Quotes:

"Melanie is so inspiring and enthusiastic."
"Melanie has tremendous, compassionate presence."

"My experience with the Smithson Clinic has been life changing to say the least! I have struggled with depression, anxiety and OCD most of my life. Over the past 20 years I have sought help from various therapists (9 to be exact) and not a single one was as effective as Melanie. Gail was equally helpful with the physical components of my struggles.  My depression, anxiety and OCD are almost non existent and I couldn’t be more grateful for the guidance, education and tools I have received from both Melanie and Gail. I highly recommend the Smithson Clinic!" Danielle S.

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