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Spiritual Coaching

Living in the Mystery: Bringing Mystical and Spiritual Experiences to Life


Do you leave your enlightenment on the meditation cushion? Feel the highs of life on retreat and the lows of life in daily life?


Many are familiar with what could be termed an “altered state” through meditation, plant medicines, holotrophic breathwork and other experiences that expand awareness. For some, the altered state happens when dancing, playing music, being in nature or riding a bicycle. During these times, most will report feelings of elation, love, connection, peace and well-being. Too often, the effect of these experiences is fleeting. Learning how to be the person we are during those peak experiences when we are at our desks, speaking with the insurance company or attending a family gathering is where the miracle really occurs!

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More About Spiritual Integration Therapy

When I was in my twenties (more than a few years ago) and happily employed as a Certified Public Accountant in NYC, I became interested in all things beyond this world. I somehow was introduced to channeling circles, Edgar Cayce books, A Course in Miracles and more. Over the years I consumed books by Eckhart Tolle and other spiritual teachers, started attending the Church of Religious Science in Santa Fe and began a regular meditation practice. But, as many do, I felt I couldn't bridge the gap between knowing that I was love, that magic and miracles do happen and living in a physical, material world. In May 2006, things shifted. I had read Michael Newton's books (Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, and Life Between Lives) and was strongly drawn to be trained in his methodology. He was offering a training in Santa Fe, my spiritual home, and I was going! My husband had also been trying to get me to read the book The Sedona Method. He finally purchased the program on cds for me. They arrived the day before my departure for the Santa Fe training. I was able to listen to half the cds on the drive down, the other half on the way back. Now that was a transformational week!


Through Sedona Method releasing, I was able to identify in the moment what was preventing me from feeling love's presence and acting in a loving way. I learned to quickly and easily let go. And, with the journeys I was facilitating based on Michael Newton's work, I was exposed to the world beyond this on a regular basis. In my work now, I support others with integrating their spiritual knowledge and experiences into everyday life. 

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