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8 Ways to be kind to self

All too often, when I suggest to a client that they learn to be kinder to themselves, I am looked at as if I have three heads. I get it, if the only thing we learned growing up was pressure, blame and criticism, it can be hard to know where to begin in changing the way we treat ourselves. So, I made a list. It’s an on-going list, consider this Part 1:

  • Slow Down - rushing creates a sense of panic in the body and sends an internal message of not doing enough and/or being enough

  • Drive Kind - it’s far too easy to get pulled into franticness when driving; when you slow down to allow others to make that turn, pull onto the highway, etc., it feels good. Practicing random acts of kindness is good for both giver and receiver

  • Take breathing breaks - reminding your body, mind and spirit of the present moment where all is well

  • Take play breaks - 30 seconds will do; shake your body, roll on the floor with the dog, play with silly putty or a wind-up toy

  • Take coffee/tea/chocolate breaks - because

  • Listen to music - stop and really listen or get up and move

  • Connect with someone - connection and inclusion are good for well-being (vs. busyness and exhaustion)

  • Celebrate Successes - especially the little ones (Wow! Some of it got done!)

Please feel free to add to this list in the comments section below!

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