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Why Should I Let Go?

As with anything, when it comes to letting go, the mind wants to know “why should I?” And, of course, if anyone tells you that you should do something, you will likely resist. So finding your own motivation to let go (or release) becomes critically important. In my personal experience and in the experience of my clients gains from releasing have been numerable and significant. Perhaps my personal favorite gain is having let go of a lifelong habit of worrying. Clients have reported new ease in relationships, more clarity about what they want in life, freedom from grief and anxiety and so much more.

Here are 5 reasons you might consider letting go:

1. When you hold on to anger, resentment or hostility in any form, the person who suffers the most is always you. Yes, you might be simultaneously punishing another (though often they don’t even know), but the bottom line is that the feeling of anger is being experienced in your body, not theirs. And the feeling of anger in the body is uncomfortable and can lead to physical and emotional distress.

2. When you hold on to beliefs and feelings based in past experience, you are limiting your ability to see what is here now. You are, in effect, keeping yourself in a box of your own making.

3. If you’ve experienced trauma or drama, there may be an inclination to build a story around it to keep yourself safe from experiencing anything like it again. Trying to protect yourself in this way keeps you caught in the past and is ineffective in determining the future. When necessary, get help to move through it and acquire new skills.

4. Letting go creates more breathing room; you will feel more relaxed, open and at ease when you release.

5. And finally, the reason I let go- it feels good!

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