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Supplements for the Holidays

Here they come! Big meals, irresistible desserts, crowded stores and relatives. Are you ready? Gail and I wouldn’t dream of going through the holidays without our trusty supplements. We thought we’d share the must haves with you. They will help minimize the impact of these stressors on the body.

Glysen– Helps with regulating blood sugar levels and stopping the insulin surges that contribute to weight gain. Highly recommended for folks dealing with diabetes, but all of us are susceptible to the effects of climbing sugar levels around the holidays.

Adaptocrine– Optimizes adrenal feedback loop function. Don’t know why you need that? Without it, stress could make you feel like you’ve been hit by a bus.

Fibromin– “Provides a rich and diverse spectrum of insoluble fibers that promote healthy colon bacteria, help stabilize blood sugar uptake, and support healthy lipid metabolism.” I wouldn’t consider drinking a glass of wine or having a piece of pie without my Fibromin (and Glysen).

Gluten Flam– Supports digestion of gluten and casein compounds. We recommend this for accidental exposure to glutens if you have gluten sensitivity issues. Unfortunately, it’s not a license to go crazy with bread, but it helps a lot!

Curing Pills– We put these on all the tables at the wedding of Gail’s daughter five years ago. Aids in digestion, minimizes hangovers. Very inexpensive.

All Apex pills (first 4 products above) are always 15% off suggested retail at Smithson Clinic.

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