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Reduce Risk of Alzheimers

Alzheimer’s is currently at an all time high. Predictions are we will see a dramatic increase in the next 20 years in diagnosed cases.

Many mild cases go undiagnosed and there are many cases currently in the beginning stages that won’t be diagnosed for 20 years. Are you one of those heading down the Alzheimer’s path?

I can almost hear you laughing. Sure, it’s funny to laugh at your memory lapse – now. But when you lose all your memories? When you don’t recognize your loved ones? Will you still be laughing?

And memory is not the only loss associated with Alzheimer’s. Your sense of taste and smell are also at risk. What if you couldn’t taste the difference between brussel sprouts and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies? The joy of living is greatly diminished for most victims of Alzheimer’s.

While there is no known treatment for Alzheimer’s or dementia there are many steps you can be taking.

The journal of Alzheimer’s Research and Therapy has found a “substantial amount of evidence of modifiable risk…” which means you can prevent on delay onset. (wouldn’t you love to delay dementia until after you die?) What can I do now to save my brain?

1.   Drink plenty of water depending on body weight but at least enough to cause your urine to be clear (64+ozs). 2.    Exercise – the single most important factor in over all health. 3.    Add a good multivitamin with higher levels of B vitamins necessary for brain function. 4.    Include in your diet lots of colorful vegetables, some fruit and nuts. Flavonoids in vegetables reduce inflammation, particularly in the brain. 5.   Schedule regular acupuncture and NMT treatments. The stimulation of the body by these modalities increases the functioning of the brain especially the parasympathetic nervous system. This is essential for good digestion, which allows you to absorb nutrients.

In addition, we take supplements that prevent brain inflammation and maintain optimal neurotransmitter levels and recommend these to our clients. These supplements vary for each of us, call the clinic at 303-762-8994 to discuss what you may need and to order.

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