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Motive Force

Motive Force

Motive Force is that which motivates you to move in a specific direction in your life.  It includes conscious, subconscious, and unconscious beliefs; energy, emotional, and karmic patterns; both personal and collective.  In other words, everything and everyone that influences you, positively or negatively.  

Neuromodulation Treatment

The energetic dynamics pathway treatment will help loosen the hold of these patterns in your body.  It will make your continued efforts towards achieving what you want easier and more joyful.  It does not take the place of psychotherapy or other self-growth processes.

What to Expect

–    A loosening of tension around your goals –    A possibility of a detox reaction.  When the system begins to relax, the body releases stored toxins, both emotional and chemical. –    A feeling of tiredness or disorientation due to the realignment of forces within your system; a period of adjustment. –    A possibility of an upwelling of emotions, both positive and negative, that have been suppressed; creating opportunities for release.

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