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Holiday Supplement Recommendations from Apex

Many get stressed, worn down, irritable, or all three.  Help support them during this season with products from Apex Energetics™.

STRESSED? Stress-Zyme™ (Z23) supports the body in times of tension and transient stress, using a combination of minerals and herbs.* It can also be used for occasional sleeplessness.*


Glutathione Recycler™ (K57) is designed to support the synthesis and recycling of glutathione, which is a key factor in the body’s antioxidant processes.* It is intended to support intracellular glutathione activity using key nutrients and substrates, such as N-acetyl L-cysteine.* It further uses nutrients that help support liver detoxication.*

IRRITABLE? Gabatone™ active (K39) is formulated to support the body under transient stress.* It is also designed to support the GABAergic system.* It includes ingredients that support healthy sleep patterns.

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