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Energy Medicine

•    Mind, Body, Spirit Connection Although many people are familiar with the terms wholeness and the mind-body connection, really understanding what this means and how it affects our lives is an intricate process.  Thoughts and beliefs do not just happen, and illness does not appear overnight, though symptoms will.  

•    Treating the Root Cause Finding the cause of your discomfort can be like doing an excavation, or peeling an onion.  The advantage of looking for the cause is obvious; if we correct the problem at its root, this will affect the entire system and reverse the symptoms.  The disadvantage is that this often takes longer, and you could feel worse before you feel better.

•    How Long Will it Take? Sometimes a treatment may look like magic, but it’s not.  Energy medicine has been around in different forms for thousands of years and has been proven to work based on sound principles of neurophysiology.  (See the NMT brochure for more details on this.)

Sometimes energy medicine works amazingly fast.  Other times, the process may feel painstakingly slow.  It may help you to understand that it has taken many years for your system to manifest signs of imbalance, and correcting that imbalance will, in the long run, be much more beneficial than treating the symptom.

•    Why am I Sick Now? Disease does not develop overnight.  Years of mistreatment and/or neglect (often quite unconscious) have taken a toll.  We may have been feeling young and healthy, when in fact our system was storing toxins and/or emotions to be dealt with at a later date.  Eventually, like ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’, they catch up with us and demand to be handled.

•    Our Commitment to You The key ingredient in your health is you!  You know what’s happening in your body and why it’s happening, even though you may not be consciously aware of this.  Through muscle testing your body will provide this information to your practitioner.

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