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Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

Yes, another acronym and another technique at Smithson Clinic. Why? Simple, because it's fast and it works. 

After Melanie personally experienced NET treatments and was amazed by the accuracy and effectiveness, we felt impelled to get trained in this powerful modality to assist clients dealing with physical and emotional ailments. NET finds and removes neurological imbalances contributing to physiological stress. NET uses muscle-testing to identify unresolved memories and mind-body patterns, and then, in a matter of minutes, helps the body complete and release maladaptive behaviors.

Through her own treatments, Melanie has come to a deeper understanding of how intricate illness and healing can be. Uncovering body patterns from long forgotten child-hood memories, past lives and even life experiences of the grandmother she never met was eye-opening and transformational.

NET can be used to treat almost anything, from known physical and emotional pain, to hidden beliefs sabotaging your goals and health. Visit the NET Website if you are interested in understanding the logistics and science behind this technique.

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