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Jaffe-Mellor No-Vial Technique (JMT)

Conditions treated: chronic degenerative diseases, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, auto-immune diseases, allergies, M.S. and fibromalygia, muscular-skeletal conditions, sensory and motor neurologic disturbances, migraines, digestive problems, skin and lung problems, stubborn weight syndrome.

The JMT no-vial technique is one of the bio-energetic treatments used at the clinic and is designed to help the body self-correct. Whether you suffer from allergies, arthritis, digestive disorders or auto-immune afflictions, the approach to treatment is the same.

The technique targets habitual patterns in the cells of your body. Just like our personalities develop habits that are not always in our highest good, so too, our bodies repeat behaviors that are not always in the best interest of health. Due to toxins, pathogens, trauma, and other insults your body has been subjected to, it has developed ways of correcting itself that are not always effective. The habitual ways of reacting to a disharmony need to be changed so that your body can heal itself.

Treatment consists of the practitioner asking your body a series of questions (by muscle testing) designed to reveal blockages in your energy system. When blockages are discovered, the meridian points of the bladder channel (on the back) are stimulated using acupressure (no needles necessary!). The points on the back that are gently stimulated are ones used traditionally in Chinese Medicine to treat the organs. Known as the back shu points they have been used for centuries to treat disharmonies of the lung, heart, liver, etc. This technique is getting fast and effective results for many conditions.

A Recent Patient Quote:

“I was suffering from fibromyalgia, migraines, acid reflex and arthritis. All of my problems have been alleviated. I feel better than I have in my entire life. This is miraculous, JMT works!” - T.M.

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