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Arthritis Treatments

Osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease is one of the oldest and most common forms of joint dysfunction. It is characterized by the breakdown of the cartilage and linings of the joints. Cartilage is the tough fibrous tissue that protects the bone. It is smooth as to allow movement with little friction. With its loss, the bones rub together causing pain, deformation and loss of movement.

The western allopathic view of arthritis's cause is age (mostly after 45), obesity (mostly knees), joint injuries (sports and work related), and genetics (tends to run in families). The treatments used by medical doctors include exercise, NSAIDS (i.e. aspirins and its cousins), heat and cold therapy, surgery, weight control and drugs that reduce COX-2 (an inflammatory produced by your body). The treatments do not attempt to stop or reverse the loss of cartilage over time, and eventually, joint replacements become necessary.

The NMT technique is based on a different core belief. It is believed that the disease is, in fact, triggered by external pathogenic factors. These pathogens invade the body and prefer to reside in the synovial fluid of the joints. Since there is little circulation of immune system components in the joints, they are not subject to attack by your immune system. However, if there is trauma or stress on a joint the inflammation of the area can cause your immune system to become aware of the presence of the pathogens. When that happens the immune system begins to tear apart the joint in an effort to detect and destroy the pathogens.

Using gentle acupressure on specific points, it is possible to eliminate the pathogens and stop the immune system's attack on the cartilage and diminish the pain and stiffness. Typically, four to six treatments are required. In some cases, the pain and stiffness are 100% eliminated.

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