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Treatments For Allergies

By - Friday, August 23, 2013

Are you plagued by seasonal allergies? Can’t open the window at night without waking up with puffy eyes and a stuffy nose? Do you avoid dogs or cats at all cost? Can’t tolerate dairy or other foods?

These annoying responses may be the least of your worries.  What people often don't realize is that allergies may be at the root of many ailments, including digestive issues, chronic pain, confusion, headaches, circulatory and respiratory problems.  Allergies affect as many as 60 million Americans, or one in every five adults and children.

What gives?

Believe it or not, an allergic reaction is the body’s attempt to protect you from harm. When energies around us are perceived as foreign and hazardous, our immune system kicks into full gear to destroy and eliminate the offender. In fact, one of the reasons we have allergies is related to being in a womb. During gestation, your mother’s immune system had to overcome the inclination to attack what was non-self (you) and stopped production of certain parts of the immune system. Other parts became more active and created a proclivity in you towards allergies. This can work against mom as well, often women develop allergies during or shortly after pregnancy.  Allergies may also manifest later in life when stress has taken its toll on the body.

Allergies are your body’s hyper-active response to inhalants, ingestents and contactants. Normally the immune system defends the body against harmful invaders. In most allergic reactions, the immune system is responding to a false alarm. The body identifies an otherwise harmless substance as harmful, begins an attack, and gets the ball rolling to wreck havoc with you in what is known as an allergy attack.

How do you stop it?

The key to changing the allergic response is to determine what is triggering the attack. Once identified, the body can be re-programmed by using specific acupressure points to normalize the immune system. It is crucial to identify not only the initial culprit (i.e. the cat, the milk, the pollen), but the pattern that your body engages in after exposure. As you probably know, you can still be having an allergic reaction hours after contact. This is because of the chain reaction that your system engages in. We track the pattern of the response and treat each part of the reaction so that you will be free of all symptoms!

Allergies can easily be identified and eliminated using NMT, a complete system of energetic medicine that identifies and corrects the informational faults that exist in the body's control system.  With NMT, it is not necessary to treat each substance that you may be allergic to.  Instead, the body is given commands to correct the response to allergens in the same session.  This minimizes the amount of sessions necessary and saves you money.


Treatments are non-invasive and painless. Call 303-762-8994 today to schedule your appointment or consult.

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