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Thyroid Problems and Auto-Immune Disorders

By - Friday, September 06, 2013

Studies are now finding that the root cause of thyroid problems is an autoimmune
disorder in 50-80% of cases. In layman's terms, an auto-immune
disorder occurs when the immune system starts attacking the body. It may attack
tissues and cells, or it may attack different organs. In the case of thyroid
problems, the immune system has mistakenly identified the thyroid as a threat and
attacked it. Unfortunately, this is often overlooked by Western Medicine. In the
cases where it is recognized, there is no treatment available.

Why is this relevant? Two big reasons- first, an auto-immune disorder left
untreated will not stop with the thyroid; it will look for more organs, tissues, etc.
to attack (think of the man-eating plant in Little Shop of Horrors). Second,
prescribed medication for thyroid issues is a hormone replacement drug. Hormone
replacements are ineffective when dealing with auto-immune thyroid disease.
With auto-immune disease, inflammatoires get released and hormone receptor
sites do not form properly or at all. What that means is that the hormones now in
your body from the prescription are floating around but cannot be properly
assimilated properly or used at all. Additional medications are then prescribed to
handle depression, constipation, hair loss, etc. as a result of the hormones not
being used.

What can be done?

1. Remove Gluten Completely From Your Diet (figured we’d start with the
most challenging step) - Gluten intolerance is a major stimulator of
Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

2. Avoid Excess Iodine – High levels of iodine have been shown to trigger
immune response against the thyroid

3. Avoid Estrogen Surges – Estrogen surges can also cause the immune
system to increase attacks on the thyroid. But how? A) If on birth control
bills, consider other options B) If experiencing menopause, choose
repairing adrenal glands and balancing hormones herbally rather than with
replacement estrogens (including bio-identical) C) During and after
pregnancy follow dietary recommendations – no Gluten and no insulin
surges (avoid sweets). Take Glysen (Apex Supplement sold at the clinic) to
curb sugar cravings.

4. Avoid Insulin Surges – Insulin surges have been shown to increase
autoimmune issues. The two mechanisms are insulin resistance and
hypoglycemia. In addition to a good diet, there are herbs and supplements
that can correct these surges.

5. Fix Your Gut! – Gastrointestinal bacterial infection has been shown to
stimulate thyroglobulin and thyroid auto immunity. Poor digestion,
especially with pathogens is being implicated in many chronic conditions.

6. Increase Vitamin D Intake – Vitamin D deficiencies are also associated
with increased auto immunity. Spending a ½ hour a day in the sun without
sunscreen and taking extra vitamin D in the winter months is key.

7. Reduce mercury in the body – Mercury has been found to contribute to
thyroid antibodies. If possible, have mercury amalgam fillings removed but
do not use chelation therapy to do so. Chelation pulls mercury into the
blood stream causing a severe increase in immune system attacks on the

8. Support Regulatory T-cells – High levels of vitamin D, fish oils and
glutathione will provide support.

We advise having the immune system tested to determine whether you have
excessive T-helper cell 1 or T-helper cell 2 activity. This will help your
practitioner when recommending botanicals to balance the immune system and
minimize attacks on your tissues.

Finally, for many, NeuroModulation Technique offers an effective intervention for
these issues. We have seen many clients experience a resolution of these
symptoms by completing a course of NMT. Please call 303-762-8994 to
schedule a consult.

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