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Sluggish Thyroid?

By - Friday, September 13, 2013

The thyroid gland is responsible for creating hormones that regulate the metabolism. These hormones circulate in the blood stream, attaching to receptor sites on the cells, causing them to accelerate energy production. However, there are many chemicals (Endocrine Disrupters) that can interfere with thyroid and hormone functioning. This happens in one of two ways (if you’re really unlucky, it happens in both ways at once). The first way that chemicals wreak havoc is by interfering with hormone production. Heavy metals, chlorine, and estrogen are some of the substances that are harmful to functioning. The second way chemicals do damage is by binding to receptor sites on cells and preventing the hormones from activating energy production. We are exposed to these chemicals daily through the foods we eat and the air we breathe.

Common symptoms of a sluggish thyroid include:

    Feeling cold; especially in the hands and feet
    Slow weight gain; especially in the thighs and ankles
    Difficulty in elimination, sometimes constipation
    Ridges on the nails and dry skin
    Difficulty concentrating may feel like a fog in your head
    Very sensitive to allergens
    Depression not receptive to anti-depressants

Some of these symptoms in Chinese Medicine are associated with a yang deficiency. Yang is the warmth and energy part of us. The Ancient Chinese didn’t know about hormones but based on incredibly astute observation of human functioning developed acupressure, acupuncture and herbs that alleviated the symptoms of a yang deficiency (thyroid deficiency).

Using variations of ancient acupressure Chinese Techniques, a protocol known as Body Restoration Technique™ (BRT™) was developed and is used to eliminate thyroid deficiencies. BRT™ is a simple, non-invasive method that removes Endocrine Disrupters and restores optimal thyroid and other glandular function. It is fast and efficient without the use of supplements.

You may have normal levels of thyroid hormones (as indicated on blood tests and told your thyroid is fine) but they are being blocked from functioning by Endocrine Disrupters. SO, YOU HAVE PLENTY OF HORMONES, BUT STILL HAVE THE SYMPTOMS OF A SLUGGISH THYROID. You are not crazy, something is amiss!

Read our article about thyroid conditions and auto-immune disorders.

A Recent Patient Quote:

“I have Graves disease, a hyper-thyroid condition. Ten years ago, my thyroid was radiated and destroyed. It is my belief that Gail’s treatment approach, including acupuncture and herbs, has saved my life.” - S.H.

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