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Treatments For Allergies

By  - Friday, August 23, 2013

Are you plagued by seasonal allergies? Can’t open the window at night without waking up with puffy eyes and a stuffy nose? Do you avoid dogs or cats at all cost? Can’t tolerate dairy or other foods?

These annoying responses may be the least of your worries.  What people often don't realize is that allergies may be at the root of many ailments, including digestive issues, chronic pain, confusion, headaches, circulatory and respiratory problems.  Allergies affect as many as 60 million Americans, or one in every five adults and children. Read More

What is Stress doing to your body?

By  - Thursday, August 01, 2013

In a nutshell (the child’s song And the knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone…  might come to mind):
Stress increases inflammation in the body; this causes the body to make more cortisol; making more cortisol taxes the adrenal glands- this can lead to blood sugar dysregulation; which may lead to insomnia, stubborn weight, digestive issues, joint pain, and a suppressed or fired up auto-immune response.  
"A critical shift in medicine has been the recognition that many of the damaging diseases of slow accumulation can either be caused or made far worse by stress," writes Robert M. Sapolsky, author of the critically acclaimed Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers. "Stress can wreak havoc with your metabolism, raise your blood pressure, burst your white blood cells, make you flatulent, ruin your sex life, and if that's not enough, possibly damage your brain."  
And make you fat…
 Read More

Irritible? Tired? Low Blood Glucose Levels?

By  - Friday, July 19, 2013

Ever get so busy that you forget or just don’t stop to eat?  And then, seemingly out of nowhere you are feeling tired, irritable, shaky, anxious?  

Coincidence?  Not so much.
What happened?

You were experiencing low blood glucose levels.  The shaking and other symptoms are your body’s way of saying  “I need sustenance.  Go Eat!”   Unfortunately, we often focus on the fatigue and hear the message as eat sugar or drink coffee to get a lift.  These temporary solutions are only going to add to the problem.  

Signs of having long term problems with low blood glucose include:
•    not being hungry in the morning (thus finding it hard to eat breakfast),
•    difficulty staying asleep,
•    afternoon fatigue
•    difficulty concentrating
•    frequent headaches

What are the consequences? Read More

How Tired Are You? Don't ignore your symptoms.

By  - Saturday, July 06, 2013

Iron Deficiency Anemia can be dangerous.

'Anemia is the most common blood disorder in the United States. Statistics indicate that 3.4 million Americans are anemic, but experts say that this is a gross underestimate and that anemia has been viewed for far too long as an “innocent bystander,” considered almost normal in certain groups, like menstruating women and the elderly.'  from The New York Times.

What are the symptoms?

    Bluish tint to white of the eyes
    Pale face
    Pale nail beds (not healthy pink)
    Compulsion to chew ice or dirt
    Chronic nail biting

 Read More

Optimum Health with NMT

By  - Friday, July 05, 2013

NeuroModulation Technique (NMT), developed by Dr. Leslie Feinberg, is based on a merging of Western science and traditional Chinese medicine. The primary goal of NMT is to re-establish the body's own capacity to heal and, by use of this concept, all forms of illness can be instantaneously improved and often completely resolved. Rather than working towards creating health, NMT works towards uncovering the health that already exists in your body. NMT honors the innate wisdom and well-being that is already present at the core level.  Read More



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