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2/26/14 Drinking Wine/Don’t Kill Me

By - Friday, February 28, 2014

Since life doesn't seem to be slowing down, it's crucial that we do what we can to take care of the body. Most of us are asking the body to do more than it is designed to do, it's only fair we give it some extra love and support.

In today's issue, we offer ways to do that from physical and relational perspectives. In Melanie's blog, read about how the body communicates and what you can do to let your body know you are listening.

And, to help your body maintain balance even when you are not optimizing nutritional choices, check out Fibromen and Glysen.

Sedona Method group is this Saturday, and the Metaphysical Fair is coming soon. Hope to see you here or there!

Don’t Kill Me; I’m Just Trying to Help:  A Body- Oriented Perspective on Stress Management and Self Care 

You probably don’t need to be told again how important self-care is. You likely emphasize this to your clients and your family. But I bet, 9 times out of 10, you dismiss your own advice because of a scarcity of time. External self-care activities that take time away from what feels more urgent are postponed, sometimes forever. Stress and sacrificing self (for work, money and others) becomes a way of life.

Stress is not an effective technique for managing life!
You can relieve stress in every moment through body awareness, posture, breath and subtle movement. Caring for yourself is the highest service you can offer the world. How you treat yourself becomes the model for how you treat others and who you are in every interaction.

External stressors are going to happen, like it or not. How you respond to those outside influences is up to you. And, how you respond is largely influenced by your body and your breath.

What if you could relieve stress in 30 seconds or less?  Would you do it? Read more.

Call 303-762-8994 today for your Sedona Releasing Session with Melanie. 30 minute session only $75.


Eating Sugar? Drinking Wine or Beer?             

We don't believe in taking all your pleasures away. (good thing, right?) But, we do believe in counteracting the impact of alchohol and sugar on the system as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whenever we dine out, we have our fibromen and glysen with us. (and gluten flam, but that's for another newsletter). Fibromen provides insoluble fibers that promote healthy colon bacteria, help stabilize blood sugar uptake and support healthy lipid metabolism. Glysen supports insulin site sensitivity and manages blood-sugar. Taking Glysen and Fibromen with your first sip of wine or your first bite of chocolate, will help prevent the surges that would cause dysregulation and inflammation (and hangovers).

Call 303-762-8994 to order yours today. St. Patty's day is just around the corner, don't be caught empty-handed.


Upcoming Groups and Fairs                                            

This Saturday, March 1st, Sedona Releasing Group at Smithson Clinic from 10:30-12. Best tool I know for stress relief, goal attainment, relationships, and so much more. Join us this week.

Click to register.

Metaphysical Fair

March 15, 16, 17

Denver Merchandise Mart, Expo Building

Go to
Celebration Fair for location, time, speakers, etc.

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