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2/20/14 Energy Medicine/Feeling Incompetent

By - Friday, February 28, 2014

Is anyone else feeling like life is a little more chaotic than usual? I did a release this morning and it was clear that I hate chaos when I am trying to manage or control it, and love chaos when I can watch it from a distance. Hoping Jessica will incorporate this into the dance this week!

Speaking of chaos, Rachel called yesterday morning to say she would be late. Unlike her mother, Stella Corrinne arrived 5 weeks early. Congratulations Rachel and Chris!

Action packed issue today with two blog posts- one from Gail on Energy Medicine, and another from Melanie on Feeling IncompetentSedona Method group is next Saturday, and the Metaphysical Fair is coming soon. Hope to see you here or there!


What is Energy Medicine and Mind/Body Healing? 

Although many people are familiar with the terms wholeness and the mind-body connection, really understanding what this means and how it affects our lives is an intricate process. Beliefs do not just happen, and illness does not appear overnight, though symptoms will. 

Why is energy medicine a great option?  Read more.

If you are suffering with digestive issues, food or environmental allergies, any physical pain, menstrual or menopausal issues, energy medicine works fast and efficiently.  

Special offer through March 31st. For new clients, get 30% off your initial assessment and treatment. Pay only $161 (regularly $230). If you haven't seen Gail in the last year, consider yourself a new client and take advantage of this offer.

Call 303-762-8994 today.  

Feeling Incompetent                                          

If you’re human, and I’m guessing you are, you experience feelings of not being capable of meeting the task at hand. These may be occasional, fleeting moments, or they may be familiar and persistent. To handle these opportunities with as much grace and ease as possible, here are some strategies.
1.    Breathe. Deeply inhale and fully exhale several times.
2.    Assess the situation. What aspect of it is most daunting?
3.    Take an inventory: Is this something you’ve done before? Is it similar to anything you’ve ever done before? Is there a manual? Who do you know that knows how to do this?
4.    Acknowledge the internal voices that may be saying you don’t know what you’re doing. For instance, thank them and tell them that what they are saying isn’t helpful at the moment. Ask them what else they’ve got.
 Read More

 Call 303-762-8994 today for your Sedona Releasing Session with Melanie. 30 minute session only $75.

Upcoming Groups and Fairs                                            

Saturday, March 1st, Sedona Releasing Group at Smithson Clinic from 10:30-12. 

Click to register.

Metaphysical Fair

March 15, 16, 17

Denver Merchandise Mart, Expo Building

Go to
Celebration Fair for location, time, speakers, etc.

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