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Are you tired after eating?
Do you crave sweets during the day, yet still have cravings even after you’ve had sugar?
Are you experiencing difficulty losing weight?

#1 Seller - Glysen is must for patients experiencing these symptoms and you’ll feel relief in as little as one day!


•    Healthy blood-sugar management
•    Ideal for high insulin and glucose levels

Aids and Prevention of:

Insulin disorders are estimated to impact 20% of the population and are associated with cardiovascular disease, essential fatty acid defects, and alterations in metabolism. Glysen assists in prevention of these disorders by supporting healthy insulin receptor sensitivity and blood-sugar metabolism.


In the 1950’s Russia was preparing to go to war with the US and needed to find a way for their soldiers to handle excessive stress. They began testing how rats reacted to stress with different herbs. They found that when the rats were given adaptogens, they lasted 4-10 times longer. Now adaptogens are the key ingredients in adaptocrine to help patients relieve stress.

•    Manage the impact of stress on the body
•    Support the body’s ability to respond to stress

Aids and Prevention of:
Adaptocrine is an herbal adaptogen used to optimize adrenal feedback loop function. Adaptogens are plant compounds that seem to have a normalizing impact on the Hypothamalus-Adrenal-Pituitary axis under times of stress. Adaptocrine is best used in cases of adrenal stress syndrome.


•    Support the hypopyseal-gonadal axis in males and females
•    Supports healthy levels of testosterone in males and estradiol in females

Aids and Prevention of:

This product should be used in both males and females to optimize hypophyseal-gonadal function. The compounds found in this formula work synergistically to optimize fertility, virility, and vitality. Ingredients in this formula have shown to support Luteinizing Hormone and testosterone production, as well as spermatogenesis. In females it may support Follicle Stimulating Hormone and estradiol levels.


Aids and Prevention of:
Imbalances in luteneinizing hormone (LH) levels lead to estrogen dominance, inability to lose weight, inovulation, infertility, depression, and even increased cancer risk. ProgestAid supports healthy menstrual cycle function, LH and progesterone levels to reduce the risk of these disorders.


•    Provides key compounds that support healthy estrogen receptor site and response
•    Provides important nutrients that improve estrogen metabolism

Aids and Prevention of:
Estrogen dominance is a very common hormonal imbalance that exists in all industrialized countries and can be determined by elevated levels of estrogen, or by the progesterone. Estrovite is recommended for healthy estrogen balance in both men and women. It is useful in cases that require maintaining healthy estrogen metabolism such as premenstrual syndrome, menopause, etc. It can also be used to support estrogen balance during the follicular phase or luteal phase variations.


Excessive amounts of dehydrotestosterone are known to be the major reason for the enlargement of the prostate gland. This formula minimizes the conversion of testosterone to dehydrotestosterone and supports the prostate gland.


Do you feel tired in the afternoons?
Do you wake up throughout the night?
Do you have headaches in the afternoon?

Proglyco-SP provides a broad spectrum of glandulars and minerals to improve the nutritive and biological conditions for better control of blood sugar.

To inquire about ordering any of these products, please call 303-762-8994.


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