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Nutrition Counseling Now Available at Smithson Clinic with Justine Roth, MNT

We are very excited to welcome Justine Roth and Nutrition Counseling to the Clinic. After many years of being open to adding nutrition therapy to our services, the perfect fit finally came along.  Justine is the owner and founder of Grown to Heal Nutrition. She is a certified Master Nutrition Therapist and also works with the Apex products we so highly recommend at the clinic. In addition to weight loss and management, there are a host of issues changing your diet can help with.


Find the Root Cause of Your Health Condition and Re-balance Your Body with Holistic Nutrition Therapy.

When something is imbalanced, the body has a way of telling us. It is our responsibility to listen to what our bodies are saying. Disease can occur by ignoring these messages and continuing with our hectic lives. We start to feel bad everyday to the point that we forget what feeling good feels like!

Conditions that can be treated with Nutrition Therapy include: Digestive issues, Allergies, Autoimmunity, Weight loss/gain, Hormonal imbalances, Inflammation, Stress, Mood disorders, Depression, anxiety, ADHD and Autism


Nutrition Therapy is the primary service that I offer. I can help you achieve optimal health and vitality through nutrition and lifestyle adjustments. Based on the individual, I may or may not incorporate other services into treatment plans. Other services include:


  • NEW! Healthy Dinner Delivery- Together, you and Justine will come up with a meal plan specific to your dietary needs (vegetarian, gluten free, anti-inflammatory, etc.) and Justine will do the shopping, prepare the meal and deliver it to your home. Each meal promises to be delicious, healthy and satisfying! Cost: $120 per week for two meals plus the cost of groceries.
  • Diet analysis- You keep a diary of your food and drink intake for a period of time and I analyze your diet. This can help us to identify any possible nutrient deficiencies or excesses. It's also a good way to track calories, protein, carbohydrates and fat intake.
  • Menu plans- Menu plans give people specific diets to follow based on the individual's needs or food lists can be provided, which can allow you more control and flexibility. 
  • Cooking classes- I can come to your house and host a healthy cooking demo for you or a group of people. Topics can vary- healthy desserts, gluten free, vegetarian meals, etc.
  • Grocery store tours- I teach you how to shop healthy and smart. We walk through the grocery store of your choice and learn to navigate the aisles, read nutrition labels and make good decisions to support your health. 
  • Supplement programs- My philosophy is food first but supplements have an important role in many people's health journeys. Based on your needs, we can come up with a supplement plan that works with your life and budget. 
  • Testing- Testing is an integral part of wellness when various symptoms are present. It helps us to get a specific analysis of how body systems are functioning. We can test everything from hormones and nutrients to food sensitivities and more. 
  • Detoxification programs- Detoxification is a great tool to let the body rest and rejuvenate itself. There are many different ways to detox, but my priority is to choose a safe detox plan that is right for you.
  • Elimination diets- For those who suspect food allergies/intolerances, elimination diets can be amazing experiences. They help to identify possible trigger foods that are causing damage to the body. 

To schedule your appointment with Justine, call 303-762-8994 today.



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