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Drug Free Pain Relief — Korean Hand Acupuncture

Since the 1970's, Korean Hand Acupuncture (KHA) has been a household remedy for most homes in South Korea. First discovered in 1971 by Dr. Woo Tae Yoo, KHA is based on the principle that the hand is a micro-universe of the human body; for each area of the body there is a corresponding point on the hand. Disease, pain and tension are reflected in the hands as tender points. Locating and treating these hand points will frequently resolve pain and dysfunction in other parts of the body immediately. Dr. Yoo happened upon this when his own intense headache pain was alleviated by pressing on a point at the top of his middle finger. Four years later he developed a complete, comprehensive treatment modality that many are finding as, or more effective, than traditional acupuncture. KHA is not only a local therapy but an overall therapy of regulating the organs of the body as all meridians or their corresponding partners can be found in the hand.

This extremely effective technique did not find its way to the United States until the mid 90's, so it is still relatively unknown here. KHA can be done using small silver pellets (no needles!) and has been found effective not only in treating aches and pains, but also with digestive issues, PMS, congestive disorders (including allergy and asthma), epilepsy, fibromyalgia and many other physical complaints.

One of the most appealing aspects of KHA is its ease in use and the ability to self apply the pellets that are used to stimulate the point. One of the reasons acupuncture is so effective in China is that treatments are dirt cheap. This enables people to get a treatment everyday until their symptoms are alleviated. KHA makes this a viable option now in the United States. KHA is particularly good for those aches and pains we think aren't severe enough to see a practitioner about, but we are quietly (or not) suffering through.



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